[Guide] How to Add a Channel Calendar in Microsoft Teams

[Guide] How to Add a Channel Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for a way to add a channel calendar in Microsoft Teams?

The problem is, although Microsoft Teams has a built-in Calendar, it displays all the events from all the teams that you’re a part of.

Unfortunately, there’s no way yet to filter or group the events in the calendar (which is a bit frustrating if you think about it).

In this article, I’ll show you how you can quickly add a channel calendar in Microsoft Teams so you don’t lose your cool with all your meetings.

Let’s get started.

Simply add a calendar tab to your Microsoft Teams

The good news, Microsoft has provided a way for users the ability to add a channel calendar (tab) right inside Microsoft Teams.

That’s right, no coding or any technical expertise is required.

Disclaimer: The channel calendar is a tab within your team channel and you can’t pin it to the app bar on the left panel.

To get started, go to a team channel and click on the plus button.

Click on the plus button on your team channel

Search for “calendar” on the window and click on the “Channel calendar” app.

Use the search feature to find the calendar app and click on it

On the next window, click on the “Add” button.

Click on the add button to add the channel calendar app tab

Finally, give the tab a name. You can also decide whether or not you want to post to the channel about the tab.

Click on the “Add” button to proceed.

Give the channel calendar tab a name and click on the add button

After that, you should then see the new channel calendar tab on your team channel.

Channel calendar app tab on team channel

This calendar will only show events from the channel and nothing else.

Easy, right? If you’ve got some questions, drop them in the comment section below and let’s talk about them.

For inquiries and concerns, send me a message through my contact page and I’ll get back to you right away.

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As the Principal Solutions Architect at Mr. SharePoint, I help companies of all sizes better leverage Modern Workplace and Digital Process Automation investments. I am also a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for Office Apps & Services.

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1 month ago

Interestingly, you can create that Channel Calendar and put entries in it, but it still never going to show up in Teams on your iPhone or iPad. It just never shows up as a viewable option/tab. That’s been frustrating for me. Do you know of a fix? Was hoping to be able to have a shared calendar available to a team in the field.

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