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January 4, 2021
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February 4, 2020
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  1. Task

    Migrate all site collections (unless ISS provides a list of site collections to migrate) that are currently within the existing ISS SharePoint M365 tenant over to the Cello Health M365 tenant. This involves the following:

    • Prepare ISS and Cello Health tenants for this SharePoint migration
    • Generate a report to see how permissions are structured currently
    • Create new site collection(s) in Cello Health M365 tenant
    • Migrate existing ISS sites collections and merge them into the empty site collection(s) created for Cello Health above. This would allow us to move over data and user permissions*
    • Invite external users into their respective new site(s) within the Cello Health M365 tenant
    • Testing and troubleshooting (as needed)
    • External users that have current access to ISS SharePoint sites will not have automatic access to the sites after the migration.

    Each external user will need to be manually invited to their respective SharePoint sites on the Cell Health tenant. 

    This is a requirement. I could complete these migration related efforts within one week.

    —– UPDATE —–

    Instead of migrating the data to a new SharePoint tenant, ISS decided to keep the data on the existing tenant. This required preparation before the migration, support during the migration and configuration updates and changes after the migration since 12 or so email addresses were removed from the tenant and needed to be updated across the sites.

    This new scope required 24 hours instead of the original 40 that was scoped.

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