[Comparison] Microsoft Teams Wiki vs Microsoft OneNote

[Comparison] Microsoft Teams Wiki vs Microsoft OneNote

Not sure whether to use Teams Wiki or OneNote?

This makes sense as both tools have their own advantages in terms of note-taking. On a side note, one is always bound to be superior to the other.

In this article, I’ll compare Microsoft Teams Wiki and Microsoft OneNote in terms of notes-taking and which one is better.

Let’s get started.

Microsoft Teams Wiki for taking notes

When you create a new team (like opening it for the first time via SharePoint), the wiki tab appears next to the tabs for posts and files.

From the name itself, the main point of the wiki tab is for you to take notes or create wiki entries right inside the Teams app.

In terms of advantages, the Microsoft Teams Wiki has the following benefits:

  • Fast and simple enough even for beginners
  • Allows comments or conversations on a section
  • Allows tagging other people inside your notes and conversations
  • Easy notes while in a meeting

Features of Microsoft Teams Wiki

Teams wiki is also organized in a simple manner. It goes like this:

  1. Page
  2. Sections

The setup allows you to add new pages — and then as many sections inside a page:

Add new pages and as many sections inside those pages

You can also start a conversation on a section by commenting (and even tag someone on it):

Start a discussion using the conversation button on a section

During a meeting, you can also write notes directly on the screen if you select “Show meeting notes” on the “More actions” button.

Show meeting notes while having a call on Teams

You can then view your meeting notes on another wiki tab right inside the channel.

Note: If you need more information on Teams, check out my Microsoft Teams tutorial on how to quickly become an expert.

Location of files in SharePoint

Now, in case you want to check where your Teams wiki files are in SharePoint, you can find them in the following location:

  • Visit the “Site contents” page
  • Go to the “Teams Wiki Data” library
Find the Teams wiki files on the teams wiki data document library

If you have more than one channel, you will have to open the folder first. The wiki pages you created will be in different files.

Teams wiki pages in different files inside SharePoint

The problem with Microsoft Teams Wiki

There are limitations specific to the Teams wiki that you need to know in case you’re planning on using it instead.

Here they are:

  • Searching for a specific note is challenging as the Teams wiki doesn’t support searching within Microsoft Teams.
  • On the other hand, searching for keywords while in SharePoint will include the wiki pages — so they will turn up in the search.
  • Deleting a wiki page means it will be gone forever as the page will not go to the recycle bin in SharePoint.

Put this on top of the fact that the Teams wiki isn’t as powerful as OneNote. Though it makes sense in exchange for speed and simplicity.

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    Microsoft OneNote for taking notes

    Microsoft OneNote is part of the official office app suite. From the name itself, its main focus is on notes.

    Naturally, you can expect from it the following advantages:

    • Vast features for notes-taking including multimedia support
    • Capability to draw annotations
    • Cross-platform compatibility with other Microsoft apps

    Note: If you need a walkthrough on OneNote, check out my step-by-step guide for beginners for Microsoft OneNote.

    Features of Microsoft OneNote

    In terms of organization, OneNote is more like a physical notebook and has a somewhat reverse order than in the Teams wiki.

    These are:

    • Notebook
    • Section
    • Pages

    For each notebook, you can create as many sections as you want, and as many pages under those sections.

    Click on the add page link at the bottom

    If you’re using a tab, you can also draw your notes directly to it:

    Go to the draw tab and click on any pen or highlighter to start drawing or writing

    You can also integrate it with Teams quite easily so you can use OneNote without leaving the Teams app at all.

    In fact, you can add it either as a tab or as an app:

    Find the OneNote app and click it to install it

    Note: For more instructions, see my guide on how to use Microsoft OneNote for project management where I discussed its integration with Teams in more detail.

    Location of files in SharePoint

    Similarly, you can also find the notebook files right inside SharePoint. You can find it in the following location:

    • Go to the “Site contents” page first
    • Then find the “Site Assets” library
    Finding OneNote files in SharePoint

    If you click on it, the browser will open another tab with the OneNote notebook opened in it.

    Recommendation: Microsoft OneNote

    When it comes to anything related to notes, OneNote will always win. Its superiority to the Teams wiki is apparent.

    However, the Teams wiki isn’t really in competition with OneNote as the purpose of the Teams wiki is for easier notes-taking while inside Teams.

    Now, as I explained earlier, you can add OneNote to Teams either as an app or tab — which means you won’t have much use for the Teams wiki.

    One good suggestion (credits here) is to convert the Teams wiki instead to an “About” page by renaming it.

    Make it like an introductory wiki page for every new team member or a place where team members can check for quick information.

    Anyway, do you have any questions regarding Microsoft Teams Wiki and Microsoft OneNote? If so, kindly leave a comment below.

    For inquiries and other concerns, please use the site’s contact form to reach out and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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