Office 365 Profile picture not displayed inside SharePoint Online webparts

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From time to time you may notice that SharePoint Online does not display updated user photos in webparts. You may see or experience something like this:

  • Profile picture displayed in Office 365 Suite Bar: Yes
  • Profile picture displayed in Office Delve: Yes
  • Profile picture displayed in Outlook on the Web: Yes
  • Profile picture displayed in Microsoft Teams: Yes
  • Profile picture displayed in SharePoint People Web Part on a Modern SharePoint Page or trying to load user profile through custom web part on a classic SharePoint Page: No

There is a simple solution to this. Navigate to this URL in your SharePoint tenant –> https://[tenant name here]

This list stores three photos for each user in your Office 365 tenant. The photos have the following naming convention and dimension requirements:

username_tenantname_tld_SThumb.jpg    42px x 42px
username_tenantname_tld_MThumb.jpg   78px x 78px
username_tenantname_tld_LThumb.jpg    300px x 300px

If my username was ryanclark and my tenant name was mrsp1 and my TLD (top level domain) was .com (could be .net, .org, .co, etc.), then we’d have the following:


Save (and possibly overwrite) the three images in the User Photos library and you should be good to go. You will have to do a hard refresh and/or clear your cache to see the results on teh front-end.

If you have any questions, reach out to me at anytime.


Ryan Clark also known as Mr. SharePoint has helped many companies create new and transform existing SharePoint portals.

Ryan ClarkOffice 365 Profile picture not displayed inside SharePoint Online webparts
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