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Thousands of companies both big and small use SharePoint to develop their online and offline competencies—but many are barely scratching the surface of the platform’s capabilities. We work with you to identify weak links in your processes and develop strategies to strengthen them, leading to rich digital experiences, streamlined workflows, and more effective collaboration.

Development and Implementation

We design and model SharePoint platforms based on your unique wants and needs. From process mapping, workflow rules, document management, and process automation, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Custom App Development

We offer custom SharePoint-based applications to extend functionality and meet your goals. These stand-alone applications are easy-to-use and will perform tasks that address your specific and unique business goals.

Migration and Upgrade Services

We perform migration services, including mapping and transfer of workflow processes, documents, and rules from other platforms to SharePoint. We also implement updates and upgrades as needed.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring

We maintain timely updates of the system, including security audits, integration with other systems, and new feature rollouts. We also provide error debugging and resolution, help desk support, speed and performance assistance, and feature/functionality configuration.


We work with you to establish policies, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together. We streamline the deployment of products and technologies to help ensure the best return on your investment.

Customized Training

We help your company, teams, and individuals excel with SharePoint, from initial onboarding to advanced knowledge and use cases.

Our clients’ number one regret is they wish they engaged us sooner

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Meet Mr. SharePoint

Ryan Clark has spent the past decade helping companies of all sizes leverage SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Digital Process Automation (DPA) investments to increase productivity and value. He specializes in showing his clients how to use these platforms’ capabilities to solve real problems and help their businesses run smoothly.

Before he founded Mr. SharePoint, Ryan was the Lead SharePoint Designer at the American Medical Association (AMA), and later went on to join K2 as a Sales Engineer. He has extensive experience migrating Fortune 500 intranet platforms to SharePoint, as well as in designing and building long-lasting solutions using the latest technology frameworks. He’s also an expert at building workflow solutions using K2, Nintex, and the Power Platform. Ryan is a Microsoft MVP for Digital Apps & Services.

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