Windows 365 Cloud PC: How Does It Differ From Windows 11

Windows 365 Cloud PC: How Does It Differ From Windows 11

Over the course of a few weeks, Windows have been pumping out a lot of updates with their different tools, applications, and even a new version for their operating systems.

A lot of these changes can be attributed to all of us for almost 2 years of trying to stay productive during this time of the pandemic.

Microsoft has recently revealed Windows 365 Cloud PC this July 2021 to support the new normal in how our work is organized. Hybrid work has become commonplace as organizations all over the world transform how they collaborate their virtual processes and on-site work to become more effective and productive.

Windows 11 was also announced to officially release sometime this fall. If you’re reading this article, you most likely have the question: “How do they differ?” or something similar.

In this article, let’s tackle what each of these Microsoft releases has and, maybe, at the end of this article, decide which one is a better fit for your need.

So what is Windows 11 again?

If you thought Windows 10 was the end, then Microsoft has proven us wrong.

New Windows 11 Update: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 is the latest version update that Microsoft is working on which is set to release this fall. With its new security features and a more simplified user interface, it is sure to support the work you do on your Windows device.

You can read more about what Windows 11 has to offer in my other article.

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    What is Windows 365 all about?

    Windows 365 is not your traditional desktop operating system. It is a service that Microsoft offers where your entire workspace is based on cloud systems.

    What is Windows 365 all about?

    Connecting to your Windows 365 Cloud PC will only require an internet connection since you can access it on any browser and on any device, even on your Android or Apple devices.

    To give you an image that’s familiar, you can think of it as having a PC that you can control remotely anywhere.

    When will it be released?

    Microsoft has released Windows 365 last August 2, 2021 — complete with all the documentation that you can read if there are any details that you’re looking for.

    How much does it cost?

    Since you are going to be using Microsoft’s virtual machines (VM), your subscription cost will change with your VM specifications. Microsoft has separate prices for Business and Enterprise which can go from $24 per month to $162 per month.

    Here is a quick look at their offers:

    Monthly Subscription Processor RAM Storage
    USD $24 user/month1 vCPU2 GB64 GB
    USD $32 user/month2 vCPU4 GB64 GB
    USD $35 user/month2 vCPU4 GB 128 GB
    USD $44 user/month2 vCPU 4 GB 256 GB
    USD $45 user/month2 vCPU 8 GB128 GB
    USD $54 user/month2 vCPU 8 GB 256 GB
    USD $70 user/month4 vCPU16 GB128 GB
    USD $79 user/month4 vCPU 16 GB 256 GB
    USD $105 user/month4 vCPU 16 GB 512 GB
    USD $127 user/month8 vCPU32 GB128 GB
    USD $136 user/month8 vCPU 32 GB 256 GB
    USD $162 user/month8 vCPU 32 GB 512 GB

    Windows 365 vs Windows 11

    It is a bit difficult to compare the two operating systems especially since Windows 11 is still in the works. A common topic of interest about Windows 365 is the security of their desktops being hosted by Microsoft.

    Another is about thinking long-term and whether the monthly subscription is actually cheaper than buying an actual laptop that can be used for 3-4 years.

    Since Windows 365 is a virtual machine, whenever some of the apps start to fail, you can easily dispose of the virtual machine and start again. That’s already like buying a new desktop PC.

    With Windows 365, you can also run either Windows 10/11 as the operating system.

    The Final Verdict

    Ultimately, the choice between the two operating systems is heavily dependent on your purpose. If you prefer to work on a Windows device, with all the security and functionality that Microsoft’s modern technology brings to the table, then you should opt for Windows 11.

    But, if you need cloud technology for most of your work and a Microsoft environment that is not restricted by the device that you’re using (whether iPads or Android for example), Microsoft 365 might work best for you.

    That’s it! Let me know what you think about Windows 365. If you have questions on the new system as well as with other Microsoft products, drop a comment below or reach me through my contact page.

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