How to Save a Document Into SharePoint (From Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)

How to Save a Document Into SharePoint (From Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)

Do you need to save documents and files directory to SharePoint?

To new users, this may sound obvious and intuitive. But if you think about it, new users, especially those who aren’t as techy as us, will have some questions.

In this article, I’ll show you the easiest way to save a document (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) directly to SharePoint.

Let’s get started.

How to save a Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document to SharePoint Online

In the past, saving a document directly to SharePoint was a major pain (discussed this as the last option).

Fortunately, Microsoft made some updates that made the process a lot easier and more intuitive.

In fact, if you’re logged in to the Microsoft Office app with the same Microsoft account you use for SharePoint, you will see this option right away:

The option to save the document directly to a SharePoint site

Note: Unfortunately, this only works with the latest Microsoft Office suite version and SharePoint Online only (doesn’t work on the on-premises version).

If you can’t see the option yet, you may have to add the option as a place first. So click on the “Add a Place” button first.

Click on the add a place button first

After that, simply connect your Office 365 SharePoint account. You may have to re-enter your username and password to proceed.

Now, once you see the option for SharePoint sites, simply click on “Sites” and choose the site where you want to save the document.

From the site list, click on the site where you want to save the document

Note: If you can’t see your site here, then you need to go back to SharePoint and follow that site. The system here may not show all the sites you have in your tenant.

Afterwards, you will be able to choose the document library and the specific folder where you want to save the file.

Save the document to a specific document library and folder

Simple, isn’t it? It’s like saving a document normally on your computer.

Note: For this method, you only need to connect your SharePoint tenant once on a Microsoft Office app. It will then reflect on all the apps you use on your computer.

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    Other ways to save documents to SharePoint

    If you work with older versions of the Microsoft Office suite and you need to manually save your documents to the SharePoint site, here are the methods you can use:

    1. Upload the document directly

    You can upload files and documents directly to your SharePoint sites — as long as you have the right permission level to do so.

    On a document library, you will see an “Upload” button on the command bar that you can click:

    Click the upload button first and select the file type to upload

    You will then see a file explorer app open so you can select the document you want to upload to the document library.

    If you want a shorter version of this, you can also drag the document directly from a file explorer straight to the document library.

    Drag the file or document to your library

    This produces the same result as with the option earlier. Both options require that you save the document first on your computer.

    Note: If you want to learn more about uploads, check out this article where I explained more about how to upload files and documents to SharePoint.

    2. Create the document from SharePoint

    If you haven’t actually created the document yet, how about you create the document directly from SharePoint?

    In the command bar, you will see a “New” button and a list of documents you can create:

    Click on the new button and select the document you want to create

    This way, the system automatically saves the document in the document library where you created the new file.

    After you select a document type, a new tab will open where you can create the document itself while still being inside SharePoint.

    3. Use the OneDrive Sync app

    This one is a little similar to uploading a document directly to SharePoint. However, this feels more like copying a document to another folder on your computer.

    With the OneDrive Sync app, you will be able to access your OneDrive through a file explorer and copy-paste the document there.

    Unfortunately, there’s a little work required here if you didn’t have the client properly set up on your computer yet. Follow the instructions in this guide to get started.

    Note: If you’re unfamiliar with OneDrive, I wrote an ultimate beginner’s guide on how to use OneDrive where I discussed it in detail.

    4. Upload through the File Explorer app

    The modern experience provided the users not only with new looks but also with more intuitive options and methods to do things.

    If you’re still using the classic experience, you will see an “Open with Explorer” button right inside the “Library” tab in a document library:

    Button that enables you to open the library with a file explorer

    As the name suggests, you will be able to open the document library through a regular file explorer app on your computer and copy-paste documents there.

    Note: With the modern experience, this feature isn’t necessary anymore especially when your goal is to save a document. Check here for a classic vs modern experience comparison.

    5. Use the “Save as” option

    Lastly, if you’re using the on-premises version of SharePoint, then your choice may be to use the save as an option and copy the link of the target site.

    First, go to the site where you want to save the document and copy the link:

    Then, on the Microsoft Office app, click on the “Browse” button when saving the document:

    Click on the browse button when saving the document

    From there, paste the link of the site into the address bar, name the document, and click on the “Save” button.

    Paste the link to the address bar and save the document

    You will see the contents of the site and navigate to the library and folder where you want to save the document.

    After saving the document, you will then be able to see it on the document library of the site where you saved it.

    Saving a document directly to SharePoint

    As you can see, there are various ways to save a document to SharePoint. The easiest one is to save it directly to SharePoint right inside the Microsoft Office app.

    Unfortunately, it only works for SharePoint Online and on the new Microsoft Office suite. It’s not available on older versions.

    The good news, is there are other ways to go around it — like using the upload function on SharePoint to save your document from your computer.

    Do you have any questions regarding how to save a document to SharePoint? If you do, please share them in the comment section below.

    For inquiries and other concerns, kindly use the site’s contact form to reach out and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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